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Company History

Laptop Rental is a global firm with a clear mission: delivering diverse IT rental solutions worldwide. With a decade of experience, 10 global offices, and a dedicated team, we make events come alive anywhere. Our extensive inventory covers the latest technology, notably iPads, supported by unmatched logistics and guaranteed delivery. We embrace challenges, serving locations our rivals avoid, from APAC to Cairo, and Argentina to Beirut. Notable clients like United Nations, Dior, and Exxon Mobil trust us for top-notch event technology across 60+ countries. Contact us anytime for tailored assistance.

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delivering diverse IT rental solutions worldwide
A Journey Through Time

Laptop Rental - A Journey Through Time

Our journey began with a commitment to make a difference in the world of laptop rental and network access for events, businesses, and individuals. We started with a small team of like-minded professionals who shared the vision of creating successful digital experiences using the right technology and the right people. We build reliable systems and an inventory of technology that we could depend on, and our business started to grow. We were among the first to provide technical staffing and support at events, which helped us establish our brand and reputation. While our inventory and team have grown significantly, we still firmly believe in the fundamentals - using the latest technology and having the right team in place to ensure success.

Our Global Reach

We have continued to establish ourselves in the UK while building offices worldwide that help us support our global mission. We work tirelessly to build local branches that can deploy from any worldwide office within 24 hours. We are always seeking out and investing in the latest technology, including features such as storage, processing power, advanced displays, and interfaces that are as intelligent as they are intuitive. Our team has grown to include network engineers who can provide installation with any infrastructure, and our technical staffing presence has expanded to include experts who have seen a wide range of event challenges.

A Journey Through Time

Laptop Rental - Making the Difference

We offer impressive logistical capabilities and service, but what sets us apart is our commitment to each deployment and the right attitude. Our Quality Assurance Team tests and checks every item before deployment because there’s no room for error in event technology. Moreover, our team of expert technicians are available on site to help you overcome any challenges while working with these technologies. We’re also available for assistance or consultation anytime, day or night. That’s what makes us different from your average Laptop Rental company!

We are the Future of IT Rental Solutions

We stay at the forefront of technology to provide you with a unique, cutting-edge experience and the necessary service and talent to create phenomenal success. Our project managers, operations and logistics Team, delivery fleet, and event technicians work together to develop solutions for your next event that will surprise and delight you. Whether you're planning an event or looking for business solutions, we're here to help you every step of the way. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to grow and revolutionize the IT rental industry.

A Journey Through Time

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